What is this referendum for?

The referendum would provide financing for currently unfunded needs in five areas, as described on the homepage. More fundamentally, however, this referendum is designed to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities for all students and families, which is a major component of the school corporation’s strategic plan.

The child and family benefits of affordable early childhood education are readily apparent. What are the community benefits?

Ensuring equitable access to learning opportunities benefits the community in and of itself. In addition, the affordable early childhood education component means that more parents will be able to enter the workforce – a benefit for local employers who are looking for talented and skilled individuals to fill important roles.

Why did the school district not include these initiatives in the 2022 referendum?

There has been talk in recent years that the Indiana State Legislature might fund statewide eearly childhood education. The school corporation placed this question on the ballot only as it became increasingly evident that state action is not imminent.

What is the value of a $50/year property tax bump for households that don’t have children?

A tangible benefit is that a one dollar investment in MCCSC returns an estimated $20 on home values. Other benefits include equity in education opportunities that simply improve livability for all residents.