The referendum that was passed in 2016 to supplement funding to MCCSC is set to expire and the vote to renew this supplement will happen in the general election this November. 

Yes For MCCSC is a group of dedicated community members, volunteers, parents, and business leaders banding together in support of MCCSC students, our schools and the incredible opportunities in the community the referendum has made possible.

HISTORY: In late 2009, the Indiana legislature made sweeping cuts to education funding slashing $3 million dollars statewide, resulting in a nearly $3,000,000 cut to MCCSC funding overnight. In response to the cuts and the threat they posed to MCCSC teaching personnel, extracurricular activities, experiential education at Bradford Woods and Honey Creek schoolhouse, and the MCCSC’s alternative high school programming, the community led a grassroots campaign in support of a funding referendum. In November 2016, the MCCSC passed a the community-led referendum and approved an increase to the tax rate, generating additional annual revenue. Since that time, the MCCSC has seen astounding growth in not only student achievement, but with the ever important graduation rate which increased by an astounding 10% and nearly every student indicator exceeding far and above the state average.

Yes For MCCSC needs YOU. You can help us avoid cuts to staffing, extracurricular opportunities, Bradford Woods, Honey Creek and individualized learning programs. Join us in keeping our schools and community STRONG.